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About Kwik HR & Payroll

Are you lying in spreadsheet and excel sheet or manual data....will take much time and risk in errors and security? Now it is time to change with digital technology. Kwikhr is bringing a multi function hr & payroll software, that will centers every manual administrative work as digital of the organization in its features functions. You can reduce any risk of errors and confidential security of the company. Our hr tools will help your hr department for skills candidates recruiting and retain the best talent. Kwikhr has all functions, which makes easy & simple to any complex payroll in the world.

Potential to manage any complicated HR & Payroll

The HR software can help to store business plan records, administrative task, employee data base & history, set the annual goal, newer employees data & e -separation management and much more things in a digital way. In order to find utmost profit by the minimum investment, need a best planner hr & payroll software complete with modern capabilities and all intuitive access. Kwikhr software allows all these functions in your company like leave management system, the performance of employees, human resource management, salary & pay slip, TDS, SI, Pf records and many more things with automated function.

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The employees in the company want their salary records. To complete their wish Kwikhr software connects mobile app on which every user can see all deduction, salary amount, claims at any time at anywhere. HR software is not the same size for all you have to purchase according to employee strength. We have all module in our payroll software. Kwik HR & Payroll software has best in the best function that has potential to perform any complicated payroll and human resource management.